Our 多样性、公平、包容和归属感 Mission
Metairie Park Country Day School believes that the principles of diversity, 股本, 包容, 归属感是最佳学习的关键. We are committed to cultivating a community that en勇气s and teaches students to value cultures, 信仰, 以及我们共同的人性. Our aim is for our students to learn to recognize their ability to advocate for themselves and those around them in order to lead lives full of meaning and



  • ADL诗歌比赛

    乡村走读学生 are participated in The Anti-Defamation League and 仇恨无处容身® Art and Poetry Contest and won for many of their entries.
  • 在通往自由的路上15岁了

    In 1963, thirteen-year-old Lynda Blackmon was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King to become actively involved in the Civil Rights Movement. 在通往自由的道路上年满15岁, a 音乐al and documentary viewed by our 中间 and 上学校 students, 讲述她的真实故事. 
  • 黑人学生会

    我们黑人学生会组织起来了 刚果 在院子里 to celebrate and educate during Black History Month. The event included presentations to our lower school, 这是Babboula 2000想象之旅的一次访问, 第二行.
  • 文化共享

    学生经常能教给我们很多东西! Here our students celebrate and learn about the Harvest Moon Festival from our Chinese students.
  • 校友宣传

    弗农·邓恩博士.D. 2004 visited campus to speak with our students about his journey from 中学 at Country Day to a Ph.D. 在神经生物学!
  • 大学谈判

    Former students came back to campus to talk with current students about their college choices, sharing stories of success at historically black colleges and universities, 等.
  • 文化共享

    乡村走读学生, 教师, and the greater community experienced Bijayini Satpathy's illuminating Odissi dance, 印度古典舞蹈, 了解了她动作背后的含义.
  • 日常课程

    Students are taught lessons during morning meeting and in class about the importance of caring for and including others. 他们在这里写下了他们所学到的东西.
  • 演讲嘉宾

    A big "thank you" to Senator JP Morrell 1997 who came back to campus to share his career path 和我们的高年级学生 as part of BSU’s Black History Month programming.
  • 这是我的工作

    加入乡村日, ISAS schools in the New Orleans area are exploring and sharing diversity, 股本, and 包容 best practices - learning from each other and working together.
  • 学习活动

    Upper school students were given the opportunity to hear New Jersey Senator Cory Booker speak at Xavier University in celebration of Martin Luther King weekend. 
  • 学习活动

    庆祝乡村日 一天, 这是一场全球创造力的庆典, 勇气, 和协作, 我们对学生的挑战是什么 勇敢到在世界上“留下印记”!
  • 全国知名的演讲嘉宾

    Nationally-known author Julie Lythcott-Haims shared her novel and memoir 真正的美国 和我们的高年级学生.
  • 仇恨无处容身

    As part of the New Orleans chapter of the Anti-Defamation League's No Place For Hate, students were asked to imagine a world without hate and create an original work of poetry. 
  • 家长会

    In 2019, Country Day's lower school held three parent meetings to better understand our community's dream for an inclusive school environment.




  • Ninnette Varisco的照片

    Ninnette Varisco 

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  • 明迪·麦克尔维摄

    明迪 McCelvey 

    Country Day 儿童早期 Center Teacher (Blue Dino)
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  • 苏珊·弗朗茨摄

    苏珊  弗朗茨 

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  • 肖恩·帕特森摄

    肖恩 帕特森 

    中间 and 上学校 戏剧 Specialist, 中学 DEI Co-Facilitator
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  • 帕姆 Skehan的照片

    帕姆 Skehan 

    中间 & 高中美术教师
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  • 帕梅拉 肠道摄

    帕梅拉 肠道 

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  • 伊丽莎白·赫尔曼摄

    伊丽莎白 赫尔曼 

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