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Your child's educational experience starts in the Lower School where we emphasize successful beginnings. Students who feel good about their earliest experiences in school more easily establish a pattern of lifelong learning. 我们的幼儿园到五年级的教室是丰富多彩的, comfortable, 充满活力的活动, 既灵活又有结构的环境. 老师们不仅要努力了解每个学生学了什么,还要努力了解他们是如何在智力上学习的, 情感上和行为上. You will find that the Country Day Lower School is unlike any other program in New Orleans.
Our Lower School is a dynamic place for individualized instruction and creative exploration. Our thoughtful, intentional approach to social-emotional learning fused within a balanced curriculum means our students build a foundation of joyful learning that serves them as they progress through grade levels, divisions, and life.

这个标准是我们学前教育项目的基石. 住在巴特小屋, 为学生提供学术经验,帮助他们为阅读做好准备, write, count, and problem solve by providing them with rich exposure and practice with functional living, physical, social, emotional, cognitive, 以及沟通技巧. 同时也为学生上幼儿园做准备, our curriculum is guided by the belief that children learn best through play in a hands-on, stimulating, 培育环境.

从幼儿园开始, 低年级采用多年级教室设计, 允许教师根据能力创建学生小组, interests, learning styles, and strengths. Kindergarten, first, and second grades learn together, as do the third and fourth grades. This system-utilized at Country Day for more than 30 years has been widely accepted across the nation as a successful, 在正规学校的初级阶段采用刺激的学习方法.

教师根据学生的能力有策略地组织学生小组, interests, learning styles, and strengths. These small groupings provide students of different skill levels in each of their subjects appropriate attention, 是多年龄段教室的智力基础. 在儿童以不同的速度发育的时期, the students in multiage classrooms benefit from individualized curriculum and varied methods of teaching.

At the same time, teachers in our multiage classrooms look beyond scaffolding knowledge and skills to actively instill dispositions of intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness, empathy, 个人责任. 智力成长与社交/情感成长密不可分, and at Country Day, learning includes a deliberate focus on creating and maintaining a strong community of diverse thinkers. 学生的能力在增长, inclination and engagement as they seek to master multiple subjects of interest; at the same time, 他们培养了正念感, 有意识地关注创造, practicing, and strengthening their individual character under the active coaching and counsel of adults. Meaningful relationships and caring attitudes are so important to shaping who we are intellectually.

这看起来不像传统的教室. 孩子们在桌子旁工作,在房间里走来走去, learning cooperatively through individual and teacher-directed activities in an environment structured to their needs. 因为随着孩子年龄的增长,学业和社会需求变得更加明显, 5th Graders in the Lower School are introduced to the experience of a departmentalized schedule. Specifically, 他们在不同的班级上课, 由特定科目的教师, 因为学生们正在为中学做准备.


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  • What the experts say

    Professor Barbara Pavan reviewed sixty-four research studies on multi-grade classrooms and found that 58% of students in multi-grade classes performed better than their peers on measures of academic achievement. She also found that students in multi-grade settings were "more likely than their peers to have positive self-concepts, 自尊心强,对学校态度好."
  • 取消了每年的时间限制

    允许孩子们按照自己的发展速度成功地进步, 而不是按照教科书设定的时间表.
  • 多年龄段课程挑战天才学生

    Students in single grade classrooms are assessed by what is considered acceptable performance for children at a given age. Multiage curriculum challenges talented children because "grade level" is no longer a place to stop while others catch up.
  • 年初没有延迟时间

    Meaningful instruction can begin on the first day since teachers already know the individual strengths of returning students. 这只能发生在多年级的教室里.
  • 有更多的机会去了解父母

    The multi-grade class maximizes the working relationship and partnership between school and family over a longer period of time.
  • 共同的学习和社区意识

    教师为课堂社区提供结构, 但是孩子们用他们自己的个性创造了独特的环境, strengths, and needs. 行为问题被最小化,孩子们感到对自己的工作有责任. 大多数同学已经熟悉了这个类是如何工作的. 年长的学生充当新生的榜样. In fact, older students develop independence as they take on the role of teacher and mentor. 学生有不同年龄的朋友.
  • 孩子们是在进步,而不仅仅是及格

    多年级教室让老师考虑到孩子的整体, to work with your child over a period of two to three years rather than within a rigid, nine-month time frame. 每个年级的学生都有不同的作业和日常职责. For example, 当幼儿园的孩子们学习记录每天的温度和天气状况时, 一年级学生正在制作雨量计来测量降雨量. Second graders use their findings to compute monthly rainfall averages and share their findings with the younger students.
Children learn through active exploration of their environment through children-initiated and teacher-selected activities. The program should provide numerous opportunities for students to explore materials and environment, engage in activities, interact with peers, interact with adults, 并构建太阳集团电子游戏周围世界的知识.


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