Metairie Park Country Day was founded in 1929 by a group of families who wanted an alternative to the traditional public, 私人, and parochial schooling available in the New Orleans area. The first young classes assembled in the current administration building. Until the 1950s, Country Day even had a small boarding department. 从那时起, County Day has evolved into a Pre-K through Grade 12 institution, with an early childhood program added in 1986.

Its founding educational philosophy - defined in the current mission statement - is captured in Mr. Boothby's original conversation with prospective parents at the founding of the School:

“Study of the individual child, and effort to satisfy his or her needs; Freedom to develop naturally, which does not mean license to invade other people's rights; Attention to play and physical development for every child; The utilization of children's interests for educational ends; A large place for beauty in nature, 在艺术, in 音乐; Friendly relationship between pupils and teachers, with teachers functioning as guides rather than taskmasters; Such cooperation between school and home as will make the two, 相互补充, provide for the whole development of the child.”

随着时间的推移, Country Day incorporated much of the traditional college preparatory model as its student body sought college placement in an increasingly competitive college marketplace. 纵观其历史, it has claimed among its graduates many of the most innovative leaders in the Greater New Orleans community and beyond. The strength of the bonds among Country Day alumni are almost legendary. 经历这一切, Country Day has created a family, an extension of home for many, and a safe place for learning, 培养, and exploring the world in which we live.


Metairie Park Country Day School enriches the lives of talented young people in a dynamic learning environment, building strength of intellect and strength of character within a community that is simultaneously challenging and supportive. Our students learn to be flexible, 适应能力强, and to face the challenges of life with honor, 乐观, 信心, 创造力, 还有幽默感.

We are grateful to our founders: Mr. 和夫人. 爱德华·本杰明夫人. 拉尔夫·布斯比夫人. 罗素·克拉克夫人. 托马斯·邓尼格先生. 斯图尔特·兰德里先生. 托马斯·尼科尔斯夫人. 多萝西·皮格曼太太. 派普斯堡,夫人. 约翰·普拉特夫人. 詹姆斯·W. 雷伊,夫人. 和夫人. 埃德加B. 斯特恩先生. 和夫人. 沃尔特·特劳特曼夫人. C.S. 威廉姆斯夫人. 罗伯特。米. 沃姆斯利,奥. 和夫人. A.M. 丹茨勒太太. 伊莱沃特森. Great-grandchildren of many of these families attend our School today.