梅泰里公园国家走读学校有一个基于需求的学前班到12年级的经济援助计划, with about 22% of students receiving aid. 这个项目帮助弥合一个家庭可以提供的学费和总学费之间的差距. 家庭提交2024-2025学年所有经济援助材料的截止日期是2月9日, 2024. 
Financial need is not a factor in evaluating applications for admission. 仍然, 新家庭应在入学申请表上注明,他们可能会申请经济援助,以获得有关该计划的信息. 

国家日使用学校和学生服务(SSS)作为其财政援助申请提供者. SSS recommends to Country Day a financial aid award amount. 所有信息仅由财政援助委员会审查,并严格保密. Funds are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis; therefore, it is important to apply for financial aid promptly. 

家庭可以开始申请2024-2025学年的经济援助. The deadline for submission for first-round consideration is February 9, 2024. 所有在规定截止日期前收到的完整申请将获得第一轮考虑. For your file to be considered “complete,“家庭必须提交附加信息问卷和SSS申请,并上传所需的税务文件.

School and Student Services website.
Complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) for the 2023-2024 school year.  国家日的代码是5050. If you applied for financial aid last year, 然后使用你去年设置的电子邮件地址和密码,以一个家庭成员的身份登录. There is a $60 fee due upon submission of your PFS.
提交 Additional Information Questionnaire 2024年2月9日.  You can email your completed form to 塞西莉亚Leon-Drago, fax to (504) 849-3170, or mail to the school. 
If this is your first time applying for financial aid, submit a copy of your 2023 income tax return. Tax returns should be uploaded to your SSS account. Tax returns should NOT be emailed to Country Day.
提交 following tax forms directly to SSS before February 9, 2024:
  • 2023 W-2和/或1099表格.  
  • 如果是自雇人士,请提交K-1表格,表格1040附表C,或预计损益表.
  • 2023 U.S. Income Tax Returns including all pages and schedules.  We understand that it may be difficult to submit your 2023 U.S. Income Tax Return by February 9. 在你提交所有其他要求后,你的文件将被认为是完整的. 委员会将审阅你的资料,并就你的奖助金提出建议. The deadline for your tax return is April 15. After we receive a copy of your 2023 taxes, we will confirm that the information matches previously submitted data. 如果不匹配,那么学校保留修改你的经济援助奖励的权利.
Preparing your documents for upload: 确保这些文件在你的电脑上,并且每个特定的表格都保存为一个单独的文件. Remove any security or password protection from your files. 只有在您提交并支付SSS申请后才能上传文件.

The financial aid process and its recipients are meant to be confidential. The school will not share your information with other families, 我们要求获奖者不要与他人分享有关您家人获奖的信息. With this in mind, we ask that you not hand-deliver information.  Instead, mail, fax, email, or upload.

财政援助委员会在作出决定前将考虑所有家长的资产,不能被一方家长拒绝承担教育费用的说法所束缚.  All parents (custodial and non-custodial, natural and stepparents) must complete a PFS and submit all required paperwork. 离婚的父母必须提交他们的判决书,列出父母双方的学费责任.


列举“特殊情况”的家庭,如照顾年迈父母的额外费用, medical expenses not covered by insurance, and/or costs associated for student 学术 support, 像辅导, 治疗, 等. should provide proof of such expenses like monthly receipts or invoices.

If you obtain an extension for filing your taxes, please contact 塞西莉亚Leon-Drago as soon as possible.

A hold on a student’s reenrollment contract for financial, 学术, or other reasons may delay his/her financial aid process.

In order to receive consideration for financial aid, 在我们的业务办公室有逾期余额的家庭需要与首席财务官讨论付款计划 邦妮LaGraize. 


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  • 太阳集团电子游戏 how much aid would my family qualify for?

    这不是一个容易确定的问题,因为每个家庭都有不同的情况, but a quick chat with the Director of 金融援助 is a good start.
  • Will my award cover all costs?

    Financial aid awards do not cover the total cost of tuition. 奖学金通常从学费的10%到Pre-K和K的60%,以及1-12年级的80%不等. Financial aid does not include fees for lunch, books, bus, or aftercare.    
  • When do we find out if we will receive aid?

    三月底或四月初, 我们将通过邮件通知每个家庭有关他们的经济援助申请的结果.  如果你获得了奖学金,你必须在信上签名并寄回,以证明你接受了奖学金.  在您的孩子在Country Day注册之前,您不会收到奖励信.  如果你证明的经济需求不能满足,你的入学押金将退还给你.  
  • So, if we demonstrate need, we will receive an award?

    尽管我们尽最大努力用我们的经济援助资金来容纳尽可能多的家庭, 我们不能保证我们能满足你的家庭的全部经济需求.
  • My 2023 tax return will not be available by February 15, 2024.

    在你提交所有其他要求后,你的文件将被认为是完整的.  委员会将审阅你的资料,并就你的奖助金提出建议.  After we receive a copy of your 2023 taxes, we will confirm the information matches previously submitted data. 如果不匹配,那么学校保留修改你的经济援助奖励的权利.
  • How can co-parents and divorced parents apply?

    财政援助委员会在作出财政援助决定之前将考虑所有家长的资产,不能被一方家长拒绝承担教育费用的说法所约束.  All parents - custodial and non-custodial, natural and stepparents - must complete a PFS and submit all required paperwork.
  • Do we have to pay the aid back?

    No.  金融援助 is a grant and does not need to be paid back to the school.
  • I am a stay-at-home parent - is this held against me?

  • 还有问题吗??

    Please call 塞西莉亚Leon-Drago at (504) 849-3101.